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White City Community Council

December, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Paulina Flint called Don Patocka to participate via phone, Don Patocka was put on speaker phone, he noted that he was in South Dakota

  • Meeting called to order by Chair, There was a Quorum.

  • Introduction proceeded

  • Bonnie Motioned to approve the November minutes, motion carried

  • Gene Robinson read and discussed the treasures report, James Dixon motioned to approve the treasures report, motion carried

  • Pledge of Allegiance was recited

  • Paulina asked for anyone that would know, that could do an audit for the White City Community financial books, no one did. Paulina asked for any suggestions to go to her.

  • James Dixon motioned to defer the sheriffs report and put in the election report

  • Paulina Flint asked James Dixon to run the executive board election, he accepted. James opened the floor up for nominations, Paul Smith motioned to retain the officers as presently constituted for the White City Community Council and put them in by acclamation, motion seconded. Show of hands for motion, motion denied.  James opened floor up for chair nominations. Bonnie Cummings nominated James Dixon seconded by Sharon Green, Paul Smith nominated Paulina Flint seconded by Gene Robinson. Bonnie Cummings requested for secret ballot, request granted, Don Patocka via phone will use Greg Schultz for secret ballot. Paulina stated that the newly elected officers for 2008 would be able to vote. Suggestion turned down due to conflict with Bylaws and historical precedence. Bonnie Cummings motioned to close nominations for Chair, motion carried. Greg Schultz was asked to count the ballots, Greg stated that James Dixon won the Chair position. James opened up nominations for Vice Chair. Bonnie Cummings nominated Jim Johnson seconded by Sharon Green, Gene Robinson nominated Paulina Flint seconded by Jim Johnson. Paulina Flint motioned that nomination cease, motion carried. Greg Schultz counted the ballots and stated that Jim Johnson will be the new Vice Chair. James Dixon opened up the floor for nominations for secretary, Bonnie Cummings nominated Kay Dickerson seconded by Sharon Green. Paulina Flint motioned to cease nominations motion carried. Paul Smith motioned to put in Kay Dickerson by acclamation seconded by Paulina Flint motion carried. James opened the floor up for nominations for Treasure. Bonnie Cummings nominated Troy Blundell seconded by Sharon Green. Paulina motioned that nominations cease motion carried. Paul Smith motion to appoint Troy by acclamation, seconded by Bonnie Cummings, motion carried.  James handed Chair position over to Paulina

  • Paulina stated that the Mayors tour has been moved to 12:30 on 14th of December and all officials are requested to participate

  • Bonnie Cummings read and discussed the Planning and Zoning report. The council talked about the personal changes with in Planning and Zoning. 

  • Greg Schultz read and discussed the local sheriffs district, Greg overviewed the 911 services, Greg read and discussed the local school splits and repercussion of the splits, Greg read and discussed the cog and Wasatch front, Greg talked and discussed the HB 40 up date

  • Don Patocka excused himself from the meeting

  • Bonnie Cummings read and talked about the ACCT report, She talked about the zoo/arts/park issues, Bonnie talked about the acct training on January 12th, Bonnie talked about Robert Flowers and he would be talking at the next ACCT meeting

  • Levi Hughes talked and discussed the sheriff’s report; he stated that there will be an open house at the substation on January 10th time to be determined. He stated that the announcement will be in the White City Water Improvement District water bill. He talked about parking on the street during a snow storm.

  • Troy Blundell talked about and discussed the HB 40 update, no update

  • Paulina gave a farewell to Debra Devos of the Valley Journal, James stated that the council has a thank you letter and he will get it to her later.

  • Jim Johnson motioned to adjourned, motion carried