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January 2008 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by James Dixon, Chair, there was a Quorum.

  • Welcome, Introductions and Pledge of Allegiance proceeded.

  • Jeremy Christensen raised a point of order about the December elections of the Executive Board and proposed that the elections be declared Null and Void due to the Elections being improperly conducted.  A Motion was made by Jeremy Christensen to declare the December Elections invalid.  The motion was seconded and the motion was approved by more than 2/3rd.

  • Janet Geyser, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian was asked to comment on the December elections.  A copy of her opinion is in the minutes, but to summarize what she said about the process to declare the elections null and void was done properly and the reelections could be conducted at this meeting.

  • A discussion was held on whether the newly elected members from the November election could vote for the members of the Executive Board.  It was decided that they would be allowed to vote in the re-election.

  • The meeting was then turned over to the former Chair Paulina Flint to conduct the rest of the meeting.

  • A motion was made by Jeremy Christensen to hold new elections, seconded and approved.  New elections were then held.  Don Patocka made a motion to nominate Troy Blundell, Chairman, motion was seconded and Troy was elected Chairman by acclamation.  A motion was made by Gene Robinson to nominate Paulina Flint, Vice-Chairman, motion was seconded and Paulina was elected Vice-Chair by acclamation. A motion was made by Paulina Flint to nominate Kay Dickerson, Secretary, motion was seconded and Kay was elected Secretary by acclamation.  A motion was made by Paul Smith to nominate Jeremy Christensen, Treasurer, motion was seconded and Jeremy was elected Treasurer by acclamation.

  • After the elections were completed Troy Blundell, Chairman, conducted the rest of the meeting.  It was recommended that the Agenda that was presented at the start of the meeting be followed.

  • A motion was made to approve the December minutes with the noted corrections.

  •  Jeremy Christensen asked that agenda item Voice of Concern need no longer be discussed since it was taken care of.  A motion was made to remove Item 7. Voice of Concern; from the Agenda. Motion was seconded and approved.

  • A motion was made to move up the Sheriff’s report.

  • Deputy Levi Hughes then introduced Deputy Brody Waldram, who will be replacing him in the White City Area.  Deputy Hughes is moving on to a new assignment and the council expressed their appreciation for the services he has preformed in this area. He mentioned that the members of the Sheriff’s office did not recognize that a pair of shoes over an overhead wire was a sign of a drug house near by.

  • Bev Uipi gave the Mayor’s report and reported that the budget would be approved shortly.   She also reported that she is doing well following her surgery.  She started to report on the Mayor’s tour of White City, but a discussion started about the article that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday December 30 by Jeremiah Stettler, titled “Water wars gone but not forgotten”. Many of the council felt that the article was very negative about the White City and Sandy relationship.  A recommendation was made to give someone in this area who is better informed about what has transpired have some input into these articles and not be so negative.  A motion was made by Paulina Flint and seconded to appoint Art Kimball the Public Relations and Legislative Representative for the Council.

  • Gene Robinson gave the Treasurer’s report and audit of financial books.  Paulina Flint motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report and the Auditor’s report, it was seconded and approved.

  • Following this discussion James Dixon ask if the topic on District #2 Abrogation be discussed. Art Kimball indicated that the word Abrogation was a very inappropriate term to be used and asked that it be changed to resignation. James then handed a letter of resignation to the Chairman. A motion by Paulina Flint was made to amend the agenda to read Resignation, motion seconded and approved. Paulina Flint made a motion to accept the resignation. Motion was seconded and was then approved by the council.  He introduced Jared Campbell from District #2, who ran for that council position in a prior election, to ask the council to consider Jared for a possible replacement.  The decision was made to consider this matter at the next regular meeting in February as per our bylaws.

  • Paulina Flint gave a report on the ACCT progress.  Reported that Mr. Flowers is over the Emergency Preparedness area for the County and will be a great asset.  Chair appointed Paulina Flint and Troy Blundell as representative to ACCT and Don Patocka as an alternate. We need a letter sent to ACCT noting who the representatives are from the Council. Don Patocka made a motion to accept the representatives; it was seconded, voted on and passed.  Don asked all Council members to sign the Ethical Conduct Forms to be given to ACCT.  ACCT training on January 12th 8:30 AM to 4 PM.  Motion made by Paulina Flint and seconded to pay $10 dues and for Utah Neighborhoods in the amount of $15.00. Motion passed.

  • Troy Blundell reported on the HB 40 Progress.  There will be a summit on January 31.  Need to set up when we need the consultants to come out to train us.

  • Greg Schultz reported on West Side Community Council need to be aware of what is taking place in the legislature in the next couple of months.  Need to set up top five items that we want the County to work on.  A motion was made by Don Patocka to select Paulina Flint as council representative, it was seconded and passed.

  • New Business –Paulina Flint made a motion that only the Chair or Vice Chair communicates the voted positions of the council dealing with Public Relations, Legislative, Position Letters, Press releases on behalf of the Council. Motion was seconded and passed..  A motion was made by Paulina Flint to nominate Art Kimball to this position, seconded and passed.

  • Don Patocka discussed a letter from ACCT Executive Committee Meeting about the 2007 Elections and a concern with our bylaws conflicting with the elections. After reading the letter into record, a copy of the letter was submitted for the record to be included with the minutes.   The necessary action was taken by the WCCC Committee to amend the bylaws 61 days prior to the elections to correct this concern. On Oct. 5th 2007 it was approved by the council in adequate time to meet election requirements.

  • Gene Robinson referred to a letter he received from US Bank dealing with our Banking.  Paulina Flint wanted to clear the air on any implications of impropriety about the bank account.  Paulina wanted on record that an individual was going to council members, one on one, and alluding to some illegal dealings with regards to our account.  She stated this individual had stated they had gone to the bank and spoken with the people at US Bank about irregularities.  Paulina had asked Paul Smith and Gene Robinson to go to the Bank to see why a person not named on the account would have the ability to review our banking records.  As a result the following letter was read into record, which stated that no one had been to the US Bank thus making accusations false. A Letter from US Bank stating such is attached. We do not write checks for things that have not been approved by the council. 

  • Jared Campbell a concerned citizen from White City is trying to get funding to improve the trails in Dimple Dell Park between 3rd East and 13th East.  This would include hardened trails for the Handicapped.  Funding was available through the County and Sandy City in 2007, but to various other concerns and needs was reallocated to other projects.  He asked that the WCCC join with the Dimple Dell Advisory Board in an effort to obtain funding from private sources to help build these trails.  An estimate of about $800,000 would be needed.  The WCCC agreed to give him our support as needed.

  • Motion was made by Paul Smith to adjourn, motion carried.