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White City Township Community Council

December 3rd, 2008 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S. 1300 E. Room #105.


  • Meeting called to order by Paulina Flint, Vice-Chair, there was a Quorum. Troy Blundell was excused.
  • Welcome, Introductions and then Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ralph Cooley.
  • Kay Dickerson presented the November 5th, 2008 minutes for approval. Don Patocka made a motion to approve the November Minutes, it was seconded and approved.
  • Paul Smith made a motion to defer the Treasurer’s report to later in the meeting, it was seconded and approved.
  • Brody Waldrum gave the Sheriff’s report. Brody discussed with the winter weather coming now and the need for snow removal could result in more cars receiving tickets from being parked on the street overnight. We need to make sure we do not make it a hazard for snow removal on the streets. The concern about the patrol cars having the White City Township logo on the cars was discussed with the Sheriff and he is still waiting for a response. They are still working on a way to reduce the speeding on Poppy Lane. General calls have been down lately.
  • Paulina recommended that we move up Item 8. HB 40 Lobbyist expenditures to be discussed by Art Kimball since he needs to leave for another meeting. Art explained the need for a full time lobbyist to help get our needs on the HB 40 to the legislature to assure passage of what we, as a Township, need passed. We as a Community Council need to support a Lobbyist so it can be followed full time. It was recommended that we ask the Utah Association of Townships to ask the use of ACCT Group to support us in this effort.
  • Bev Uipi gave the Mayor’s report. She mentioned that the Mayor’s Breakfast for the Chair’s is scheduled for January 14th. Thanked everyone for the support in her job.
  • Greg Schultz gave a report on ACCT. A number of legislators have opened bill files to remove the Sunset provision on HB 40 law. Nicole Dunn is now the Deputy Mayor elect. Representative Laura Black has opened a bill file on the School District Split amendment. Pat Jones has opened a bill file on Local Government. We need to continue to push to have the Sunset provision on HB 40 removed. Paulina mentioned that the Legislative dinner went well and that ACCT is now mailing out thank you cards to the Legislatures. Don Patocka made a motion to allocate $500 from our Special funds to support the Lobbyist. Motion seconded and approved. Don Patocka made a motion to recommend to ACCT to move ahead with the hiring of a Lobbyist. Motion seconded and approved.
  • Trisha Beck Representative Elect mentioned that she have opened a bill file on HB 40 for the removal of the Sunset Provision.
  • Presentation by UDOT on the modification of 700 East from Carnation Dr. to 11400 South and from 11400 South to 12200 South. Matt Zundell, Project Manager for the project, made a presentation on the reconstruction of 700 East. They have 32 Million Dollars to do the project. There will be some strip takes along 700 East. The project may be put on hold but they are hoping to continue. Asked how they can help White City Township keep informed on the project? We suggested using council members and the Web Site to keep us informed. Neighborhood meetings would also be a big help.
  • Jeremy Christensen gave the Treasurer’s report for October and November. Council funding in good shape. Don Patocka made a motion to approve the report. Seconded and approved.
  • Paulina Flint discussed the Community Council training on 10 January 2009 at the County North Complex Council Chambers from 8am to 4pm. Recommends Planning and Zoning legal requirements, Council member duties and financial responsibilities.
  • Elections for Executive Board. Paulina mentioned that the bylaws note that everyone nominated for the board needs to be present to be nominated, but she has talked to Troy Blundell about staying on as Chairman and he said he would be willing to continue. She then opened in up for nominations. Don Patocka made a motion to maintain the same officers as now constituted and extend the terms for another year. Motions seconded and approved.
  • New Business. Discussion was held on the bus routes serving the White City Township area. Suggested that maybe a survey be done to improve bus routes in the area. Don Patocka made a motion to do a survey on the bus routes to serve the White City Township area. Motion seconded and approved. Suggested that survey include desired times. May have a difficult time in getting some new routes. Paulina Flint asked about when we need to send out the next newsletter? Don Patocka made a motion to reserve the next newsletter until such time as we need it to help on some upcoming Legislation. Seconded and approved
  • Motion was made by Don Patocka to adjourn, motion carried.