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White City Township Community Council

February 3rd, 2010 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Troy Blundell, Chair, there was a quorum.
  • Welcome, Introductions and then Pledge of Allegiance was led by Greg Schultz.
  • Paulina Flint made a motion to approve the January 6th Minutes. Motion was seconded and approved.
  • Trisha Beck indicated that HB 222 introduced at the House yesterday on Community Councils but is delayed for a while. Public notice is an issue now and notice needs to be reintroduced in the House. It will be back on the agenda for Friday. There is a general agreement on the bill to be passed.
  • Jeremy Christensen gave the Treasurer’s report for January 2010. Jeremy indicated that the audit was in process and should be completed this week. He indicated he would make out a check for the Website costs before the meeting was over. Kay Dickerson will send the check to Thomas Ray for his services. Paulina Flint made a motion to approve the report. Motion was seconded and approved.
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Officer Report was given by Deputy Brady Waldron. Deputy Waldrum gave the December crime stats report. Stats will be on a format similar to face book that we can access online and UPD will not print out report. There will be a new person as the COP representative. Officer James Taylor will be introduced in February. Deputy Waldrum will be an area detective. They have been very busy with the new UPD starting to replace the Sheriff’s Office.
  • West Side Community Council Staff report was given by Greg Schultz. It is now Legislative time. ACCT House Joint Resolution to be presented shortly on Community Councils for 25 years of service. Would like as many there as possible to show support. Bills that require funding are setting idle until funding is determined. There is a possible boxcar bit of legislation being promoted by East Millcreek Township that involves a 105% +or – 15% vote to incorporate or not incorporate. Need to keep tabs on this action. Also we need a bill opened to get the issue settled on a possible conflict of interest with council members working on action to help areas incorporate or not incorporate while serving on councils. A motion was made by Paulina Flint to have ACCT take action to insure that we as a council can protect our ability to still get insurance in conjunction with Utah Neighborhoods as a tax exempt organization. Seconded and approved.
  • 7th East Project-Ralph Cooley reported that Harper Construction was the prime. Sound walls will be on the East side by this fall and North end construction will be done about September. Replacing utilities and drainage for area. Amelia Deslia from UDOT will be at our next months meeting to discuss issues. An open house was held today at Eastmont Elementary from 4 to 7 pm to discuss this project. Concern about the drainage at the bottom of Larkspur at 7th East.
  • Other Legislative Issues-Fly fishing on streams with access to streams.
  • New Business- Buried one of the former council members this last week. He has contacted Wal-Mart, AutoZone, Reams and others about Grants, flyers and all seem willing to help. We need to get to together and decide what we want to do. Need to work with Webmaster about posting on website. He is willing to help, but we just need to let him know. Paulina Flint-Subcommittees and Bank Accounts -we need to look at how accounts are handled and closed properly with assets going to the proper areas and recorded properly in minutes etc.
  • Salt Lake County Mayor Corroon’s Office Report was given by Bev Uipi. Need forms for conflict of interest signed. Elections need to be held this year and we need to define pooling places. Those whose terms are expiring are: Troy Blundell, Jeremy Christensen, Paulina Flint, Kay Dickerson, Gene Robinson and Jim Johnson (Not replaced). Don Patocka, Ralph Cooley, and Paul Smith are the only remaining on council. Motion will be presented at ACCT to simplify notification of polling places in area to county council. Bev Uipi will be gone for 6 weeks with surgery. Municipal priorities will be decided soon.
  • Paulina Flint made a motion to adjourn.
  • Adjourned 8:37pm