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White City Township Community Council

May 5th, 2010 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Troy Blundell, Chair, there was a quorum.
  • Welcome, Introductions and then Pledge of Allegiance was led by Don Patocka.
  • Minutes of April 7th meeting were presented by Kay Dickerson. Don Patocka made a motion to approve the April 7th minutes. Motion was seconded and approved.
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Officer Report was given by Deputy James Taylor. Stats for April 167 Calls with 85 cases, 1 Assault, 3 Family Offenses, 3 Burglaries, and 9 Vandalism. (See report for complete listing). A discussion was held on several prank calls from a local resident to local County residents complaining about enforcement of rules in the County.
  • SLC Mayor’s report- Bev Uipi gave the Mayor’s office report. There have been 3 new cases in April on code enforcement with 7 still being worked and 1 closed. Scott Baird is the new Division Director for Highway engineering and Flood Control. Volunteers are needed for a Bicycle Advisory Committee. The duplex at 1040 Serpentine Way is at Planning and Zoning for review. 40 Vouchers were delivered to the Council for use by residents in May from SLC Sanitation Dept. SLCounty Public Works is having a open forum on May 15 from 9am to noon. She needs the number on what has been spent for Southeast Township Days so an allocated amount can be set up for our Revolving Fund.
  • Jeremy Christensen gave the Treasurer’s report for April 2010. Jeremy indicated that the report was not complete and would be completed later. Jeremy made a motion to send the funds from the Water Users check to be used in the Southeast Township Days. Motion seconded and approved. Jeremy made a motion to thank the Water Users Committee for all their efforts over the years. Motion seconded and approved
  • West Side Community Council Staff report was given by Greg Schultz. SL Community College has TV available to advertise for Community Councils at no charge.
  • Newsletter-Paulina Flint reported that a copy has been sent to Council members for review and should now be ready to print. Jeremy Christensen mad a motion to allow advertising space in the Newsletter for contributing sponsors of the event. Motion seconded and passed. Newsletter is ready to print. Paulina mentioned that there is educational material in the newsletter as well as interactive sites. Motion by Gene Robinson to approve expenditures on publishing Newsletter and mailing then out. Motion seconded and approved
  • Southeast Township Days-Paulina Flint mentioned that Flyers are ready for the car show and need to be sending them out to local car shows and other events for more advertising of our event in August.
  • June meeting date discussed 2 June-concern was expressed that we may not have a quorum present to conduct business. It was decided to go ahead with the meeting.
  • New Business -7th East Project- Community Coordination Team member Kay Dickerson reported on the project and some concern was expressed about the monument on Carnation and 7th east. A large rock was attached to the monument holding it upright. In checking on the item a large amount of concrete was poured under the concrete slab to support everything in place and will be allowed to cure before removing the rock. This has been completed and will proceed with the sound wall as planned. A resident at 10385 S 700 E is delaying some of the project due to concerns about the slope of the driveway and a decorative wall. Negotiation is continuing. Other residents have agreed to design. Discussed possible change to Website to add other councils to site. Paulina Flint authorized to discuss with Sandy Hills and other councils to see if they want to help fund possible additions of their information to the current site.
  • Adjourned 8:30pm