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White City Township Community Council

February 2nd, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Troy Blundell, Chair, there was a quorum.
  • Welcome, Introductions and then Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jeremy Christensen.
  • Kay Dickerson presented the January 5th, 2011 minutes for approval. Paulina Flint made a motion to approve the January 5th, 2011 Minutes. Motion was seconded and approved.
  • Jeremy Christensen gave the Treasurer’s report for January. He mentioned that we have a $255.23 Savings balance and $97.93 Checking. He mentioned that to save on having less than $500.00 balance that we have changed the type of account we have. Paulina Flint made a motion to accept the Treasurers report. Motion was seconded and approved.
  • Sheriff’s Report. James Taylor of the Sheriff’s Department made his report. They had 140 calls with 53 cases. He reminded us of the winter parking facts that if you park on the street when snow is expected that you might get ticketed or the road not plowed.
  • Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office and West Side Community Council report by Greg Schulz. Mayor’s Office wants to thank all those who attended the ACCT Training on Saturday. They are still working budgets and they should be out next week. Public Works presentation is on February 16th from 5:30-7:30pm in the north building. Larkspur sidewalk is under consideration to 700 East. Calendar should be out next week showing schedule on Mayor’s visits to councils. Legislative Sessions are starting and there are several bills we need to follow such as; Police Fee to stop payment, nuisance abatement, sales tax use for education and sales tax on food. Some on school districts like debt division when districts split and education budget. Several recycling bills and e-waste.
  • Paulina Flint discussed the 5400 South road expansion by UDOT. This work could take out homes and what businesses that is in the Kearns Township area. They are concerned about the development and the impact on their taxes. They are asking what UDOT and Wasatch Front Planning have planned for the area.
  • ACCT Report-Paulina Flint reported that ACCT has a Legislative Team meet at the Capitol every Tuesday. If anyone would like to join they need your e-mail address and you may join them at the Capitol on Tuesday on the second floor East Wing at 11am for a session. Things are moving fast so we could use your help. The ACCT training was a good program and there were about 90 people in attendance. ACCT has their regular meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month.
  • New Business- Jeremy Christensen discussed the need for a light at the intersection of 9400 South and Poppy Lane. This is still an issue and some action needs to take place. He checked and it does appear the Quarry Bend Development possibly had planned a light at that intersection, but for some reason that has never occurred. He will do some more checking and see if something can be done. The run for Southeast Township Days has been approved by the Dimple Dell Advisory Board so that the run can be in Dimple Dell Park. We need to have a Township Days meeting soon.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:120 pm.