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White City Township Community Council

September 7th, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room - #105


  • Meeting called to order by Troy Blundell, Chair, there was a quorum.
  • Welcome, Introductions and then Pledge of Allegiance was led by Kay Dickerson.
  • Kay Dickerson presented the August 3rd, 2011 minutes for approval. Paulina Flint made a motion to approve the August 3rd, 2011 Minutes. Motion was seconded and approved.
  • Deferred Treasurerís report until later.
  • Unified Police Report. James Taylor of the UPD made a report. He mentioned that this would be his last report to the Council, since he now has a new assignment. His replacement is Brooks Green. The report for August was 225 calls and 94 cases, which is up from other months. He introduced the Midvale precinct Capt. Tony Mason and mentioned the contact phone number is 385-468-9350. The full report is attached to the minutes. He also mentioned that there is a Drug drop off container at the Midvale location.
  • Jeremy Christensen presented the Treasurerís report for August. We still have $255.23 in Savings and are still in the plus side with Township Days all paid for. Southeast Township Days was very successful and most of the vendors felt it was a great event and want to come back next year. There were approximately 93 cars in the car show and J.C. Hackett was well pleased with the show. There is a copy of the report attached to the minutes. Paulina Flint made a motion to approve the report. Motion seconded and approved.
  • 2012 Budget- A discussion was held and it was decided to increase the budget request to the County by 10% for the next year.
  • White City Cleanup-Dumpsters will be delivered between Oct. 12th -14th and the 15th will be the Neighbor to Neighbor cleanup with SL County workers helping. (Approximately 15 to 20 Public Works Personnel)
  • Senator Wayne Niederhauser-He was visiting the Council and introduced himself. He represents the southern part of White City and discussed some issues in the area about future taxes and Townships vs. cities and is willing to listen to residents if they call. He indicated he would like to attend future meetings. He was invited to attend any time he might be able.
  • Mayorís Office-Greg Schulz indicated that the budget discussion was going on now and it looks like it will be level next year with little increase. Projections are looking good on Sales Taxes for June and July.
  • Southeast Township Days 27 August-Paulina Flint ĖGreat success with car show and vendors were well pleased with crowd and sales. Car Show sponsor J. C. Hackett was very pleased with show. Races held in Dimple Dell Park were successful. Fireworks ended a great day and everyone was well pleased.
  • New Business- Emergency Volunteer Coordinator-Janice Kerby visited the Council and was getting familiar with everyone. Eastmont Middle School was seismic retrofit this last year and may be considered as safe haven in a disaster. Steve Wrigley is on the school board now and can help working with the schools this year. Discussed issue about new school district boundaries. We can review this information on the school web site Canyon School District.org. Paulina Flint made a motion to write a letter to the Canyon School District about the new school boundaries not dividing communities between schools. Motion seconded and approved. Paulina Flint will write letter. Don Patocka-concern about roads in White City, Larkspur at the top of the hill by canal a manhole cover sets several inches below the road surface. It was marked with green paint but a woman was riding her bike and hit the hole, fell and broke her arm. Another at Delphinium Way and Peony Way (SE corner) gutter is full of water all summer and never drains. Todd Draper-SL County Public Works Department-Wanted us to review some changes being made to Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone Ordinance. The changes are for Ski Resorts on slope waiver ranges. After review of the changes Paulina Flint made a motion to support the County with the Ordinance changes. Motion seconded and approved. A discussion was held about our area being zoned as single family dwellings and having residents renting out individual rooms in the homes to outer individuals. Call or E-mail Todd Draper address and specific information showing evidence of the situation. Phone 801-468-2818, e-mail-TDraper@slco.org.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm.